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Attorney Endorsements

Top attorneys and lawyers have endorsed personal injury attorney Kevin Ginsberg and the services offered by Taibi Kornbluth Law Group, P.A. in North Carolina. Read these attorney endorsements below or call (919) 401-4100 for a Free Initial 20 minutes phone consultation.

Kevin Ginsberg, Esq.’s Attorney Endorsements:

“I have called on Kevin to assist my clients and acquaintances on personal injury matters. He is very patient with people and is gracious about taking time to try to assist and educate even if it is not a case he can take.”

Kelly M. Business Attorney

“Kevin is not only extremely competent, but also genuinely cares about his clients. I highly recommend him for car accidents and other personal injury cases.”

Jennifer D. Estate Planning Attorney

“Kevin is a very accomplished attorney and has compassion for the clients he represents. He is intelligent and uses his knowledge in a manner that achieves the best results for his clients.”

G. S. Real Estate Attorney

“I worked under Kevin’s tutelage for a few years and received nothing but the best training – whether it be in the intricacies of the law or in simply how to care for one’s clients. Anyone in need of high level services can feel confident in their retention of Kevin to assist them.”

Parker M. Litigation Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Kevin is first class. Easy to talk to, super intelligent, dilligent, and hard working. You cant find a better attorney than Kevin.”

Curtis S. Speeding & Traffic Ticket Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. An extremely talented and well respected attorney in the legal community.”

John O. Personal Injury Attorney

Anthony D. Taibi, Esq.’s Attorney Endorsement:

“I endorse this lawyer. I went to law school with Mr. Taibi and he was first in our class! Mr. Taibi cares for his clients and is creative, intelligent and hard working.”

Bailey F. Speeding & Traffic Ticket Attorney

Michael A. Kornbluth, Esq.’s Attorney Endorsement:

“I endorse this lawyer. His knowledge and experience are invaluable tools to plaintiffs in our area. I do not hesitate to recommend him to clients in need.”

Jeffrey H. Personal Injury Attorney

Kevin Ginsberg, Esq.

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