Taibi Kornbluth Law Group, P.A.

Case Results

Practice Area: Trucking Accident
Date: Oct 15, 2013
Outcome: $4.5 million settlement soon after filing a lawsuit
Description: Helped family get $4.5 million settlement for their unclue who had been severely injured in a trucking accident.
Practice Area: Truck Accident
Date: Apr 10, 2013
Outcome: Case settled for $2 million for an accident claim
Description: City officials settled for $2 million for an accident claim from a man who suffered head injuries after being hit by a Water Management Department truck late in 2012.
Practice Area: Trucking Accident
Date: Jun 15, 2011
Outcome: $1.3 million
Description: pedestrian/employee working on side of road had to have partial leg amputation after being hit by an 18 wheeler
Practice Area: Medical Malpractice
Date: Sep 05, 2009
Outcome: $700,000.00 settlement
Description: young child overmedicated by negligent physician
Practice Area: Car Accidents
Date: Aug 23, 2013
Outcome: $101,000.00 jury verdict
Description: car wreck caused exacerbation of pre-existing neck and back injury
Practice Area: Personal Injury
Date: Aug 05, 2009
Outcome: $250,000.00 litigated settlement
Description: man injured neck trying to get out of the way of a vehicle rolling toward him
Practice Area: Car Accidents
Date: Oct 19, 2011
Outcome: $50,000.00 jury verdict
Description: woman suffered soft tissue injuries requiring chiropractic and acupuncture